Bot / Headless Chrome Detection Tests

Version: 0.3.2 (16th January 2021)

This site attempts to detect if you are a bot or not. Scroll down to see all tests. You can start testing your bot when the version is at least 0.3

Resources and Sources

  1. Kinda outdated (selenium, phantomjs): and a GitHub repo from early 2019 with similar detection techniques.
  2. Headless detection GitHub Repo, last update in 2019
  3. Lot of good stuff from here: puppeteer-extra-plugin-stealth
  4. Antoine Vastel: and a more recent detection page using HTTP Headers and his employers datadome detection page
  5. Pretty active GitHub Gist about preventing puppeteer detection
  6. Rather new detection method found on GitHub
  7. Vastel is detecting puppeteer with HTTP headers in early 2019...
  8. hacker news discussion started by Vastel
  9. And the response from Evan Sangaline, where he passes the new detection again
  10. Rather recent article (February 2020) about Bot Detection 101 principles

The cats: Anti Bot Companies

The following Anti Bot companies are all using their custom JavaScript detection algorithms.

Mouses: Bot/Proxy Companies (Selection)

The following Bot companies are either selling bot/scraping or anonymization technology (Proxies, VPN)

New Detection Tests


Old Bot Detection Tests ( tests + additions, Fingerprint Scanner tests)


Canvas Fingerprints

Canvas3 (iframe sandbox)
Canvas4 (iframe sandbox)
Canvas5 (iframe)

Fp-collect info (Modified by Me)